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Black Butler ( anime )

Postby cosmo » 8 months 1 day ago (23 Jan 2017, 15:43)

The Black Butler Movie Is Zombies on a Luxury Liner

" Let’s take a cruise across the sea with a demon to uncover a secret society that’s trying to raise the dead. What could possibly go wrong?

Black Butler is the story of a young earl, Ciel Phantomhive who, through great tragedy, enlists the service of the demon, Sebastian Michaelis, as his butler. The Black Butler series has enjoyed three seasons of anime, and OVA, and now the new movie, Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic.

Based on the Luxury Liner arc of the original manga, in Book of the Atlantic, Ciel is tasked with investigating the mystery of an underground secret society that is in turn seeking to uncover the mysteries of life itself and gain the ability to resurrect the dead. The society is set to meet on the luxury cruise vessel Campania on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic to reveal the fruits of their research. Ciel, and his servants, Sebastian and Snake, board the ship to try to discover the truth behind the secret society. "
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