LOTD - Snow Zombie Pic. :D

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LOTD - Snow Zombie Pic. :D

Postby DeepImpact » 5 years 7 months ago (07 Mar 2015, 05:12)

Here you go.. I post my lotd snow zombie that I made. hehehe :D

* Warning: An lotd Snow Zombie has been spotted nearby!
I heard it approaching by it's sounds of burrrrr... burrrrr...
Yeah.. I smashed it's head.. so it's a little warped now. lol :D

- The trick I did to get the face and letters like that.
Get a paper towel. Get a pen. Draw your face on it and trim it up.
Get the paper towel wet. Now stick it on your snowman. hehe.
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Re: LOTD - Snow Zombie Pic. :D

Postby cosmo » 5 years 7 months ago (07 Mar 2015, 15:15)

lol, nice one deep :)
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