Reason Why my server is Locked

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Reason Why my server is Locked

Postby Dragosvr92 » 1 decade 3 weeks ago (27 Dec 2010, 16:38)

Okay... as i was asked by a lot of peoples why do i keep my server locked i will write it here so i wont have to repeat myself and tell everybody

As my server and everyone's were VERY Empty Time ago i thought to close it
But then as i remembered that i need it to keep the Redirect alive for the Thread
i said id keep it alive ..

So i reduced the server to Two Public Slots (only two players were able to play in)
then after a while i said id set it to eight (8) Private Slots

That is all to reduce the payment for the server as none plays in it

if anyone wants the password to it post here and i will send it to you By PM
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