*WARNING* Servers and People stealing files

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*WARNING* Servers and People stealing files

Post by Puppy Wehtam »

After someone posting about an error they are getting with a stolen file I poked around and found out it is not just him but some others as well who are stealing unreleased files through their caches. We have known this to be an issue in LOTD for a long time now but it seemed to have died down when there was only a few servers left, at least from what I saw. Now that more servers are popping up, especially from the Spanish community it appears this issue is flaring up again. I am not here to tell anyone what to do but give fair warning to both server owners, mappers, and the thieves themselves. Also if someone like Marcus could repost this in Spanish so those who don't know English well can get the message too I'd very much appreciate it.

TO everyone who reads this; Players like LOTD Editor and the server owner of DASFEL LMS SERVER are stealing files from other servers by downloading them when entering the servers and taking the files out of their cache. LOTD Editor proved this when foolishly asking for help for the error that occurs when doing this theft. DASFEL LMS SERVER has been seen running unreleased maps which proved to me that the owner is either stealing files or getting stolen files from someone else who has been stealing them.

This is a warning of who I've found so far to be stealing files and if you don't want them to steal your unreleased files then it is your choice whether not to take action against them to protect your files. I will be banning both and I have no problem doing IP range bans either so there will be no getting around my bans. As part of my measures to prevent further thefts I'm also making this topic here to warn others of what I've learned and there will be a post on my server's website as well about it.

NOW to warn the thieves and any futures thieves. Taking files you got from a server from your cache is not a valid way of getting files. All released files have working download links on our websites, if you cannot find the download links then ask us. We will gladly point you to them. For files that you cannot find in our links provided then they most likely are unreleased, again ask us if you are not sure. If they are unreleased and you take them using your cache then you have stolen property and have also participated in causing future errors for yourself and for anyone you share those files with. This method of getting files WILL cause errors. If I find out you have any of my unreleased content, which there is very little of, then I will ban you from my server for participating in a theft. You can make an apology and delete the files and I'll give you a second chance. If caught a second time you will have a permanent ban from my server. What others choose to do with their servers is their choice but this is how I will be handling any theft of unreleased files. I also will make this clear, it doesn't matter where you stole the files from or where you got the stolen files from. For example if you steal one of Cosmo's unreleased files from his server and I find out then I will ban you from my server. I may give people the benefit of the doubt and a second chance if they delete the files and apologize but I have no need for thieves on my server and will gladly ban anyone caught stealing and do permanent bans on people caught stealing twice.

I apologize to Dragos and Cosmo for posting this but I have to and I thank anyone who takes this seriously and supports my decision. I don't like causing drama but I must take action to discourage theft of property. Especially if this theft is through a method that only causes many errors on LOTD. Stealing files from caches does cause mismatch errors, this has been proven many times in the past.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: *WARNING* Servers and People stealing files

Post by Dragosvr92 »

This was one of the reason for which Map Packs were created and why EVERYBODY should use them.
They ensure that ALL players have the latest version of a map/file and that they don't cause any mismatches across the servers.

They also spare you from having to lose your time downloading from the servers and puts less pressure over our redirects.
They make it easier for both the players, and the server owners. So, use Map packs and stop stealing files from other peoples servers.

If you want a good map/mod, make it yourself. Dont steal other peoples work. Thanks.
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Re: *WARNING* Servers and People stealing files

Post by cosmo »

No reason to apologise Puppy, this issue affects all of the mappers and coders and modders

players taking files has long been a problem, we both know someone who did this before

I have had some of my maps taken and then re-released as someone elses work, however when i obtained a copy of * their * work.......they had made only a few changes ( the wall textures to flowers / the submarines were floating in mid air / and half the infrastructure was missing ).......... hardly worth the effort of stealing it lol

It is not a question of * if * there will be a mismatch...its a case of * when *........... and when there is a mismatch, you effectively ban yourself from the servers .. and that is as it should be imo

mappers will usually give you the files needed for their maps if asked politely, in some cases they are unable to, this may be because the map is still in progress and so changes are made, or the maps may not belong to the mapper in the first place
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Re: *WARNING* Servers and People stealing files

Post by LOTD Editor »

Relly sorry,Please don't get me wrong. I didn't steal your papers. Because of the cumbersome code I simply do not understand!

I just want to say, my LOTD Is the original version, Without any MOD.

I enter Puppy's server, There are no problems during the download cache,But All the cache is complete, the game crashes!Again into the server the same crash. By my troth I didn't move anything. And did not do anything illegal,

I don't know why you can access the server but i can't, As long as I get into that server game crash
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