Puppy's Zomdemic is now on Discord

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Puppy's Zomdemic is now on Discord

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I've started to use Discord now due to my activity on Steam games that rely on it and realized I can make my own server on it for free so I have done that now.

Discord is a free program that allows players to both voice chat and text chat on servers while playing games. If you are interested in getting it and don't got it here is a link;


Once you download and install the program all you have to do is make a free account and then copy this link into your web browser;


This will allow you access to my server which you have to select the Land of the Dead text chat room and the Land of the Dead voice chat room to hear, speak, and text with others playing LOTD.

This will not be limited to just my LOTD server, I encourage anyone on any LOTD server to join and here and chat with each other. I will eventually make more rooms for the specific servers to speak among themselves and a general LOTD one where everyone can speak.

I hope many of you find this useful and hopefully I'll see you guys on Discord where you will be able to hear me since I'll be always using a microphone.
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