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Posted: 11 months 2 days ago (29 Mar 2020, 19:40)
by destroyerlotd
Everyone please think...stay NOT risk your lives or the lives of others. This is the time all over the world we must stand together are one race..the human race. Take time to reconnect with your families...friends and loved ones. We are fighting an invisible enemy that takes NO prisioners...young or old. LOTD is a family itself and I ask from my heart to believe everyday this horror will cease to exist. Stay inside..don't travel except for food or medicine..and please please keep a constant check on the elders who have no defense against this evil. I plead with everyone that gets this message to believe there IS a light at the end of the what we all must believe in. We are we've all got...each battle to survive. May you all find peace in love and understanding...WE WILL BEAT THIS...TOGETHER.

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