UNDEADNATION DM & CTF servers back on ASAP

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UNDEADNATION DM & CTF servers back on ASAP

Postby destroyerlotd » 7 months 4 weeks ago (30 Jun 2020, 18:59)

Both the DM and the CTF servers will reopen as soon as possible...with a few map changes. Due to the constant cheating and crashing of them..the DMDowntown and a few more will be removed for now until those with wrong intentions settle down and PLAY THE GAME. LOTD is fun for everyone until some try to dominate others that just want to play and have fun. Please play the game..don't try to destroy it for others. More DM and CTF maps will be added later if all goes well. Thx 8-) .......NO PASSWORD WILL BE NEEDED ON EITHER SERVER.......


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