Elite Game Servers is at it again..moving servers..again

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Elite Game Servers is at it again..moving servers..again

Postby destroyerlotd » 6 months 4 days ago (30 Aug 2020, 21:13)

Well...i figured it would happen again...same crap they did a while back. I just got an email my server is making a trip to Dallas Texas...for no reason. Last time it lost over 1150 players and a bit of my servers history..But changing history is "politicallt correct" now...so be it. Oh..and whoever moves you lose your IP address...again. Time to refresh your place on GameTracker...again...and those who log on with just the IP's get ready. Why they can't just transfer the IP's is beyond me...guess they're not smart enough. So...September 1st...here we go...get ready. :evil:

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Re: Elite Game Servers is at it again..moving servers..again

Postby Dragosvr92 » 4 months 2 weeks ago (19 Oct 2020, 20:24)

The reason is that they lose contracts with certain companies from where they are renting IPs and Servers, or they repurpose that network for something else, so they must move your data to other servers. It happens. You would move your server to a cheaper company too :)
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