Hello there I'm old fan of LOTD and I'm back to it just now

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Hello there I'm old fan of LOTD and I'm back to it just now

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Hello y'all how are y'all doing, I hope you doing great
happy halloween

I used to play LOTD in 2009 and I was scared to death of how creepy it was (first zombie game I have ever played) I couldn't beat the game because of how scary and hard for me as a kid to beat, I only reached the city streets level and listened to the awesome soundtrack of it then died, since then I haven't played the game

Nowwww, It's 2021 and I am back at it and better than ever :D

I made a video of this game to let those who never heard of it to experience it and know what was the left 4 Dead origin because L4D developers said this game inspired them to make L4D

My channel is just like my name TenAte108 and the video is called "Left 4 Dead 0" as how it was zero like predecessor for Left 4 Dead 1
I play LOTD multiplayer alone and with survivors online every week and sometimes I host, so for those who are interest y'all can contact me on youtube links OR my Discord TenAte108#4855

I will be very happy to see friends from here play with Invasion and we get to survive wave after wave that easy and crunch them zombies like rocks with our bats and shotguns (I'm very good with python)

The game may not be the best and may look aged poorly but trust me this is one of the greatest zombie games for casual players unlike dead rising series and L4D

I also wanted to try Capture the flag and DM modes but seems like nobody is interested in them but if you are then why not, come howl at me and we can play

I hope y'all having a great day and Happy Halloween
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Re: Hello there I'm old fan of LOTD and I'm back to it just now

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Hi and welcome back ! I dont know if L4D ever claimed to be inspired by LOTD, but i did notice similarities taken from LOTD, like after you kill a zombie, its legs form the number 4. They did this in one of their trailers. You are free to link/embed your video here.
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