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Zombie Lover and Designer Will Introduce Herself

Posted: 1 year 9 months ago (11 Oct 2022, 11:24)
by MLCreativeZombie
Hi Zombie Fans,

I find zombies simply fascinating. I especially admire the make-up artists of the past who made up fantastic elaborate zombie masks for the actors. Nowadays this is mostly done with masks, as far as I know.

I come from Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany and am a graphic designer and painter. Lately I have created a lot of zombie designs for my Etsy shop They are sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, face masks, and home decor.

I also work as a translator for the languages EN, CZ - DE for mostly Czech agencies.

I am happily married to my Czech husband Pavel since 2001. We used to love a black cat called Blacky, who was so right for Halloween. Unfortunately he passed away four years ago, which we are very sad about.

From this forum I hope for interesting new contacts to zombie fans and new creative inspirations for my designs.

Best regards from Frankfurt am Main

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