Dexter: Slice Of Life Is Killing Facebook

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Dexter: Slice Of Life Is Killing Facebook

Postby cosmo » 9 years 2 weeks ago (10 Oct 2011, 13:47)

Dexter: Slice Of Life Is Killing Facebook

" Calling all Dexter fans. Video game nerds. Facebook whores. Dexter has made his way onto Facebook, but in game form. With any luck it'll be better than the PC Dexter game. I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but it doesn't look too bad. Check out the trailer below.

All you secret killers out there can practice keeping your 'dark passenger' at bay. Dexter: Slice Of Life is out now for Facebook only, and you can check it out HERE!

“Dexter Slice of Life shows how social play online is evolving - this is a deep transmedia experience that both gamers and fans of the show will love,” said Marc Fernandez, EVP of Development at Ecko|Code. “People can play anytime as Dexter or their own custom made ‘Dark Passenger.’ Dexter is a brilliant, complex show that asks as many questions as it answers, and this game is an extension of that."

“Dexter Slice of Life provides a tremendous opportunity for a Showtime property to find a new audience, connect with our current dedicated fan base and extend the brand into bold new mediums,” said Laura Palmer, Senior Vice President, Distributor Marketing, Showtime Networks Inc. "Ecko|Code has crafted a fascinating, fun game and we look forward to watching our fans interact with it!" "

trailer here:
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