Cosmos Genesis...HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Wish Someone a Happy Birthday !
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Cosmos Genesis...HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Postby destroyerlotd » 1 year 5 months ago (07 Aug 2019, 13:21)

LOTD has had many many heroes in its time ..but I must say Cosmos is one of the cornerstones to the very life of it. A true warrior thru thick and thin when it seemed many times it would fail and dissapear. My sincere THANK YOU goes out to him on his day of birth. Your legecy will always be spoken among those who have played and still play this game. May I suggest we all send him well wishes to one that has been here when others went away. And thank you again along with Dragos for keeping the Forums alive for older and newer players to have a place to find help at any time to enjoy this game. Many many many more pal...wishing you a wonderful and healthy time. Your pal always DESTROYER/Keith 8-)

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Re: Cosmos Genesis...HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Postby cosmo » 1 year 4 months ago (24 Aug 2019, 13:03)

Hi Destroyer

Thank you Destroyer , and thank you for your kind words.............I`m glad i was able to help the game and make it a safer place for players to have fun :)

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