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Re: [HOWTO] (Re)Compile .U Files

Posted: 4 years 10 months ago (19 May 2016, 05:26)
by Marcus Vázquez
sjc26 wrote:
You don't need to run the "UCC.exe"
It is there to make work the cmd, i don't know how to explain it in english because it is not my born leanguage so i don't know some words :l

But that is all you need to know, it is there to make work the cmd itself.
But i want export .u to .uc,man.So i need CMD to run commands successfully...Now whatever it is "UCC" or "UCC BatchExport DOTZCharacters.u class .uc E:\SSDA\DOTZCharacters",it doesn't work. :((
I recommend you install this to keep working your LOTD without problems i will write a short steps to do it:

1.- Download patch 1.1 ...
and install it
2.- download BladeIN_V12 ... nstall.exe
and install it
3.- download Unrealed Patch for Windows 7 ... Vista7.exe
and install it (Dragos made a lot of patches or idk how many he made, but this one is the best one, works also pretty well on W8)
4.- Open your system folder and find a new .exe called "RunGame.exe" that exe you will use to play, just open your game and go to settings/audio settings/music volume:0 apply changes, and that's it, hope this help you, this config is more or less the configuration that i have on my LOTD :p

Re: [HOWTO] (Re)Compile .U Files

Posted: 3 months 2 days ago (14 Jan 2021, 08:59)
by Igor1331
dont work compile plz help!

Re: [HOWTO] (Re)Compile .U Files

Posted: 3 months 1 day ago (15 Jan 2021, 12:03)
by Igor1331
please help me, I cannot figure out why the ucc make command does not work, recently I compiled two, it worked, again I try to create the same bat file with ucc make again doesn’t work wants me wines 10 all patches


Re: [HOWTO] (Re)Compile .U Files

Posted: 2 months 4 weeks ago (16 Jan 2021, 19:53)
by Dragosvr92
1. If you want to modify the DOTZWeapons.u file with unlimited ammo, you need to delete the original file, so the new one will compile.
2. What are you doing with the DevLOTD.ini file. The tutorial clearly says you need to edit the UW.ini file.

To use UCC.exe, you need to open LOTDEditor.exe, and close the editor after it loads.
That is so it copies the DOTZ Core files which UCC requires. If before trying to compile your file you ran LOTDGame.exe, it wont work.

Please be precise dont write multiple topics and explain clearly what your problem is.
I didnt understand anything from what you wrote. The video helped.

Re: [HOWTO] (Re)Compile .U Files

Posted: 2 months 3 weeks ago (19 Jan 2021, 22:34)
by Igor1331
thanks, I still guessed earlier that I should have started, thanks anyway

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