Discuss any survival tips and hints you might have for surviving the outbreak.
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Infographic Offers Tips and Tools For Surviving the Zombie Outbreak

" Who knows more about survival gear than REI, the outfitter for the outdoors? Probably no one outside of that "Man vs. Wild" guy on TV, and who really wants to live if you have to drink your own pee? REI offers some more palatable alternatives to surviving when the zombie outbreak occurs.

Take a look at the snappy graphic from REI below and learn all you need to know to help you stay alive when the living dead are milling about.

The first section gives tips on what to wear and what to carry with you. The rest of your education comes in the form of explaining survival skills like how to exterminate a zombie with a frying pan, applying moleskin to a blister, and disorienting the undead with a flashlight. These all sound like really important abilities to have when the ultimate crapstorm finally hits.

There's also a handy reference area at the bottom that contains useful articles, books, movies, television shows, and websites that can give those interested additional information on zombies........................ "

infographic pictures here : ... e-outbreak
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