the argument of the Linux desktop

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the argument of the Linux desktop

Postby dzsenifer » 5 years 7 months ago (06 Dec 2014, 10:24)

Why should you have to spend extra money for virus protection software? The Linux operating system has been around since the early nineties and has managed to stay secure in the realm of widespread viruses, spyware and adware for all these years. Sure, the argument of the Linux desktop not being as widely used is a factor as to why there are no viruses.
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Re: the argument of the Linux desktop

Postby DeepImpact » 5 years 6 months ago (08 Dec 2014, 02:32)

Translation: They just made a simple post for a backlink to their site for search engine optimization. :D :lol:
Not to mention their post has nothing to do with what's on their site.. search engines also look at that too.
So it's not going to help their search engine placement very much at all if any. credit for trying though.
But I'm not gonna get into search engine placement right now.. it's a big long haul.. lol

Now to make this reply relevant to the post topic.

Who pays for anti viruses.. really?
You have Free.. Avira.. Avast, and Avg.. All Free windows antiviruses that work just as good as paid ones.
More like.. who gets viruses any more? cough...n00bs..cough..sry lol
I curently use No Anti Virus.. it runs smoothly. uses no ram.. or cpu resources.. haha.

The last virus I got was 6+ years ago.. from pluging my thumbdrive into a buddies worm infested pc.
Disable Auto Run. oops I forgot.. my bad. totally forgot about that. Didn't even think about my thumbdrive infecting my pc.
But it sure can indeed... but it won't happen again. ever. stupid buddy with worms.. jeez.. whaat... lol

But it's more about Spyware and Adware these days though. Use malwarebytes or spybot search and destroy.
and tighten up your browser.. and not use Internet Explorer.. uhhgg... it's the most targeted.

Use Firefox with NoScript and Adblock.. NoScript only allows scripts to run from domains that you trust.
So say.. I allow all scripts for rising dead to run.. nice. I see the snow.
but if rising dead ran a 3rd party script from another domain name.. it won't run. unless I allow it too.
It's how most spyware and adware infects your browser.. by a site using a 3rd party Ad script.. and etc...
Usaully from a crappy advertiser.. say like.. bitvertiser.. known for trojans and malware and adware.
Just an example.. they don't do that here! Only an example of how NoScript works.

Now for the Linux part... i don't know.. I never tried it.. for all my Windows software don't work on it. :-/
and I don't want to have to run a windows emulator to use all my windows software. So I just use windows.
And a MAC.. I don't know..never had one. For I can buy 2 or 3 pc's for the price of 1 mac.
and again.. mac requires a windows emulator to run windows software. or games.

The end. huhuh..
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